Classics: a Mini Golf Date Experience

Did you know that a mini golf date is considered to be the classic one? It may sound strange but playing a mini golf game on a date is very joyful and it’s pure fun! You can either take a local course somewhere and let your partner teach you, it will be even more romantic (especially if he can’t play too lol). Yeah, it’s a challenge. But who said dates should be all smooth and easy?

The first thing to think about is what to wear on such date. And here it’s necessary to say that a mini golf date is the easiest one in relation to clothes. It’s 100% casual. So your outfit should be light, breezy and comfortable. You’ll have to move and bend and sometimes even sit on your haunches, so make sure you don’t worry about anything when you do that 😉  No dresses, no heels and clutch bags. A dream kinda date, right?

By the way, if you want to take the courses, here we’ve collected the most unique mini golf courses in the USA to make your date unforgettable:

  • Molten Mountain – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Visitors at Molten Mountain are treated to volcanic eruptions every half hour as they move through the 18- or 36-hole course. Isn’t that exciting?

  • Par-King – Lincolnshire, Illinois

All players must be at least 48 inches in height, due to the moving obstacle components of the course. Lol, that’s gonna be fun 😉


  • Around the World in 18 Holes – Lake George, New York


The Around the World mini golf course features a giant sombrero, a massive Paul Bunyan, life-sized lobster, and a number of other items inspired by Horn’s world travels and souvenirs.

  • Lexington Ice Center –  Lexington, Kentucky

Golf your way through the Old and New Testament at Lexington Ice Center’s biblical-themed golf elements.

  • Perils of the Lost Jungle – Herndon, Virginia

Perils of the Lost Jungle takes mini golf to another level with animatronics, smoke machines, and series of special effects.

  • Urban Putt – San Francisco, California

At Urban Putt high-quality food and drink meet 14-holes of high-tech, San Francisco-inspired golf, creating a magical combination. The whole experience is located in a historic Victorian building, which previously served as a mortuary, that’s been empty since 1999.

  • Disney World’s Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf – Orlando, Florida

Inspired by the Disney classic, Fantasia Gardens and Fairways Miniature Golf features two 18-hole courses, each with its own set of challenges.

  • King Putt Entertainment Center – Henderson, Nevada

Located about 20 minutes from Las Vegas, the Egyptian-themed, the 18-hole course incorporates sensors and interactive objects to enhance the black-light golf experience.

So take your date, great mood and couple of jokes to a mini golf place and you’ll spend an amazing time laughing, playing and competing! Good luck with your first mini golf date 😉

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