Is it bad to have no kiss on the first date?

A great kiss can make a great date. And no kiss at all.. Well, many people can consider it as a bad sign. But is it really so?

Many people agree that kissing on the first day is completely okay but at the same time, not everyone is actually ready to do it. So, what are the reasons why you had no kiss on the first date and is it always bad?

They are waiting for the second date

When you meet each other for the first time, you are still strangers for each other (even if you’ve spent days chatting on the Internet beforehand). It seems right to kiss someone who is not a stranger for you anymore. That’s why the second date is in any sense better for the first kiss.

They are not sure about you

The first dates are always about getting to know each other and trying to fit this another person into your life. It’s totally okay if after the first date you understand that you are not meant to be. Though, some people need a bit more time for that. The second date is still a chance to make a decision about your dating partner and, in case that you’ll make a perfect match, good time for the first kiss.

They don’t want to rush

There is nothing wrong with taking things slow. Don’t think that your dating partner is not interested in you. They might be just looking for an actual connection. At the end of the day, the connection of souls would be more important in your future relationship. And this is a good sign that your partner has serious intentions.

There wasn’t the right moment

Did you go to the movies on the first date? Or had a dinner in a crowded restaurant? Surely, everyone wants their first kiss to be perfect but sometimes there is simply no right time to do it. Don’t worry about it and make your next date privat enough to finally get your kiss.

They are having too much dates

There is no doubt that online dating will help you to find your love. But some people are a little too desperate in this search, so they go on a several dates at once. At midday you are having brunch with one person and in the evening going to a concert with another one. It might be a good strategy to find a new date but kissing so many people in one day would be hard.

So if you had no kiss on the first date don’t stress out about it. There might be many reasons why you haven’t kissed yet and there is nothing wrong about it. As long as you are having fun with your date and feel the chemistry between you two, you don’t need to care about it. Go on the second date and see what happens.

Thank you text after the first date: what should you say?

The date is over, you had a great time together and now you want to thank him for the amazing evening. So how is better to thank a guy after the first date? Don’t worry. It’s not as complicated as you might think. The first thing you can do is to thank him right after the date, in person. Though, it’s wouldn’t hurt to send him a thank you text after the first date as well. And there are some good reasons why.

It will lead to a second date

Reminding him of how great the date was is a good way to drop a hint about your next date idea.

He will know that you like him

Your date will be pleased to hear that you enjoyed the time together and that you are looking for a next date.

It will make him feel wanted

If the guy had really prepared for this date, why not to thank him for that? It would definitely mean a lot to him hearing a ‘thank you’ from the person he likes.

So as now you have plenty of reasons to send him a thank you text after the first date, you may still thinking what should you exactly say in this text. It may seem like the toughest part, but in fact, all you need to do is to act natural. Don’t tell him that you enjoyed the dinner if you didn’t. Focus on some positive aspects of your date. You can also say something about his personality, e.g. the way he tells stories or how easily he made you laugh.

Another thing to remember while sending him a thank you text after the first date is how to make him invite you on the second date. Don’t be afraid to take the lead in your hands. You don’t have to make it too straight-forward. Ask him when you’ll see him again or when he’ll show you the place he told you about. It would sound smooth and natural but at the same time, you’ll show him that you want to meet him again and you are looking forward to the next date.

Though, if you are still not sure what your thank you text after the first date should be about, here we got a few examples of what you may text him after different kinds of dates.

Date: You went on a game

What you should text: That was so much fun! Can’t believe I’ve never actually been interested in soccer games. Will you take me to the next one?

Date: You went for a drink

What you should text: I’ve never been to this bar but it’s kinda my favorite place now. Next time I’ll show you another cool place!

Date: You’ve met at your friend’s party

What you should text: The one thing I remember clearly from that night is that you are a great kisser. Maybe you can remind me of other stuff? 😉 Let’s meet for a coffee tonight.

Date: You went to a restaurant

What you should text: Thank you for this evening. I really enjoyed it. Everything was great, especially your funny stories. Still can’t stop laughing from the last one about your summer trip!

Though, don’t focus only on these samples. Don’t be afraid to tell him the truth about how you felt on this first date. He will surely appreciate your feedback and will find more courage to invite you on the second date.

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